Periodontal Treatment

Every complete and continuing care examination in our office includes an evaluation of the patient’s gums and supporting periodontal structures. If it is determined that the patient has gum disease, we are able to treat most cases in our office. This may involve a full mouth debridement, which is removal of the gross deposits that have built up, and is often followed by root planing and scaling. The latter treatment removes the deposit buildup below the gumline and smoothes the root surfaces, allowing better home maintenance by the patient in the future. If the periodontal disease is more severe, we will recommend referral to a local specialist.

Periodontal Maintenance

Once your mouth is restored to health, it is important that you make a commitment to maintain your dental health. To achieve this, it is important that you return on a 3 to 4 month basis which allows the hygienist to closely  monitor your gum tissue healing and home care practices.  Home care is very important with periodontal treatment and any questions or issues can be discussed at these re-care intervals. Drs. Nick and Nate Pound and our hygienists can inform you of the re-care interval that best fits your needs.

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